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Annie Armstrong Easter Offering

The national goal for the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering is $70 million. We will continue this offering until we meet our goal of $1000.

Church Improvements

Now that we have the new steeple installed,it is now time to put our emphasis on the elevator. Our current elevator is not in operation. Even if fixed, it will not pass current codes and can not be grandfathered in. So we are left with the choice of replacing the original elevator in the back of the church and how it will be done. Currently bids are being taken to remove the old elevator, build a larger shaft and installing a new elevator. As news of the new elevator comes in, I'll post here. 

Wedding Bells

At this this I would like to announce the engagement of Austyn Nickalo and Lindsay Bradley. They will be having their wedding on May 25th, hopefully at Second Baptist Church. The reception will be immediately afterwards at the VFW on W Main Street.

Mission Project for Hunger Outreach Programs

Our weekly Mission Project for the Homeless/Hungry continues. A half dozen other churches and we at Second Baptist Church assist Flint Hill Baptist Church with food, clothing, housewares and so on. This is for us a 22 year Mission Project started by the late Betty Gladden. Flint Hill Baptist Church will be giving out the food and clothes to the aid of needy people.                                                                 

Our item for the week is..... Canned Vegetables                                                                                                   Our Item for next week is... Ravioli/ Canned Spaghettti

Non-perishable food, clothing, housewares, etc are always welcome. These items can be dropped off by the church.


Two links were added to the website, one for contemporary Christian music and one for Southern Gospel music. These links were added so that anyone without a radio or not able to pick up a station on their radio, can listen to Christian music via their computer. These two links when clicked on provides access to Christian music radio stations which are opened in a separate tab from that of the churches website. Once the station is clicked on, you can then close the churches website if you wish and continue working on your computer while listening to Christian music.

The two radio stations, the websites of these two radio stations, and the site that provides the links to these two stations as well as many other radio stations, are in no way affiliated with our church, Second Baptist Church of Rock Hill, SC. These two links are solely provided as a convenience for our church members or anyone visiting our website.

Winter Missions

Samaritan's Purse Operation Christmas Child has ended for this year. We thank those who provided shoe boxes filled with toys and goodies. For those interested, the shoe boxes we sent are going to Malawi in Southeast Africa.

There are still a few Angels left on the tree. Please return the Angel Gifts by Sunday, December 17th. Target and Walmart gift cards are listed on the back of the Angels but feel free to purchase one at a different store or restaurant. Thank you to everyone for all your prayers and gifts for the family receiving the Angels.

The Lottie Moon Christmas Offering this year is $160 Million. Second Baptist Church's goal is $1000. Help us please reach this goal.

Pastors Appreciation Day

Pastors Appreciation Day held today Sunday, October 29th, was a great success. Many met at Bob Evans for his appreciation dinner. All had fun and enjoyed the fellowship. The food was great and the service was right on spot though there were many mixed up tickets. It didn't take a lot of effort to get those tickets straightened out. All left with bellies and hearts full.

Janie Chapman Offering

The Janie Chapman Offering has ended. Our goal here at Second Baptist Church of $1,000 has been met. The goal for the offering nation wide is $1,700,000. 

September Missions Meeting and Supper

Septembers Missions Meeting was held on September 13th at 4:00pm. After the meeting, those interested went out to eat at Kinch's Cafe in Rock Hill where good food was enjoyed and the camaraderie enjoyed even more.

July Mission Action Project: "Back to School" Supplies

During the month of July, we collected school supplies for Oakdale Elementary. The needed items were; pencils, notebook paper, glue sticks, composition notebooks, colored markers and pencils, crayons, plastic folders with brads, erasers, etc. Thank you to all who contributed to the school supplies for Oakdale Elementary. The teachers were so appreciative of the donations. The items will be used for classrooms but also for specific needs as well.

Another Missionary Trip over for Lindsay Bradley

Our own Winthrop graduate, Lindsay Bradley, is back from a Summer Missionary to India. Summer before last, Lindsay served in Southeast Asia (China). Lindsay is the daughter of Mark and Mac Bradley and granddaughter of John and Ann Bradley. She was recently in Myanmar, India with over one hundred other students who were providing a number of services from construction to medical. We are very proud of her and thank God for her devotion to Missions.

The Courier

Our State Baptist paper, The Courier, is published in Greenville, SC monthly. The Courier is available to us as Second Baptist Church members. Please notify the church office to subscribe to The Courier. It is informing and inspiring us as South Carolina Baptists.

Music Director Needed

Our church is currently without a music director and so Pastor Mark is covering those duties as well. Anyone wanting to fill the slot as a music director or know of anyone interested in joining a church and leading our congregation in new and/or old Gospel Music please contact Pastor Mark or Tommy Sloan. Your contribution would be greatly appreciated.

Annie Armstrong Easter Offering

The Annie Armstrong Easter Offering has now closed. Our goal here at Second Baptist Church was $1000 and we have exceeded that goal. Thank you for everyone who stepped up to the plate and contributed.

March Mission Action Project

Our March Mission Action Project was to give to the needs of Winthrop Baptist Campus Ministry. The Minister at BCM, Jack Blanketship, says they need plain styrofoam plates, plastic forks and red Solo cups. These items will be used by the Winthrop Campus Ministry for the 2017-18 year.

Lottie Moon Christmas Offering

Lottie Moon, born in Albemarle, VA in 1840, followed her older sister Edmonia to China (Ting Chow) as one of our early missionaries, Lottie Moon's long mission career ended with her death on Christmas Eve of 1912. The Lottie Moon Christmas Offering has ended. The goal for Second Baptist Church was $750 and that goal was not only met but exceeded. We collected $1,000.00. Congratulations on a job well done.

Pastor's Appreciation Luncheon

Sunday, October 30th, we had our Pastor's  Appreciation Luncheon right after Sunday Service. Members came together and brought their favorite side dish and or dessert and the church provided sub-sandwiches and tea. Everyone got their fill of food and drink. After the luncheon Pastor Mark and his wife "Mac" were presented with gift cards and cash donated by the church members. We wish them both success as leaders of our church and we all give them our "thanks" for being their for us. We love them both.

BBQ Lunch

On Sunday, October 16th, after the Worship Service, we were blessed (again) with a BBQ lunch from Tina and Ed Hyman (Lucile Ferrell's granddaughter and grandson-in-law). They provided the church with BBQ pulled pork, mac and cheese, slaw, rolls, baked beans and beverages. Members of the church pitched in and provided their favorite deserts. The meal was great and the socializing even better. It was a great success. Much thanks goes to Ed and Tina.

Mission Meeting/Supper For Our College Students

Those that attended the Meeting/Supper held at the Cracker Barrel for our College Students had a great meal and a wonderful time of fellowship. Students attending were Brittany, Erica and Lindsay Bradley, Anthony Dean, Curtis Sylvester, Ian and Ethan Hinson, Courtney Brock, Ethan's friend Molli Helms and Karly Griffin, a former member of our church and granddaughter of John and Betty Jenkins.

Lindsey Bradley's Trip to Eastern Asia

.Many thanks to Lindsay Bradley for the outstanding job she did presenting the trip she took to East Asia. She had a slide show showing pictures she had taken and introduced us to the experiences she had on her trip. We hope she has other mission trips planned so that she can grow as a missionary and spread the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Palmetto Pregnancy Center

The vision of the Palmetto Pregnancy Center is "to enable women and families to choose life and have hope in Christ for the future".They do this by supporting not only the mothers who come to the center but also by reaching the fathers so that he will support the mother. If you are able to donate, they are in need of x-large baby gift bags, children's books, baby lotion, powder, wipes, onesies, sleepers, crocheted/knitted blankets, booties and caps. You may bring these items to the church and we will deliver them to the Rock Hill center.