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Christmas Special

We were very excited that the Hinson Girls were a part of our Christmas Special on December 18th. They played and sung gospel and Christmas songs. Pastor Mark sung a Christmas themed song also while presenting a video as part of that song. Tina and Ed Hyman  provided lunch for us and others brought a covered dish or dessert. It was a great day for all those attending. A special thanks goes out to the Hinson Girls and to Ed and Tina Hyman for their contribution. For those who have not heard of the Hinson Girls, go to their website "" and get a preview of what we heard.

Angel Tree and Hanging of the Greens

The decorating of the Angel Tree and Hanging of the Greens has been completed and the church looks great. The Angels on the tree have already been taken. For those who still want to help you can still buy a gift card from Walmart or Sears or some other department store of your choice and place it in an envelope or card. These gifts are for a family of four, mother and three children, that were found through ROC (Renew Our Community). Please return your gifts by Sunday, December 18th.

NarroWay Theatre featuring Samson and Delilah

The Ladies of the church have chosen to visit The NarroWay Theatre which is featuring the play Samson on January 28th. The cost will be approximately $34.00 which includes tickets to the play and also includes a meal and beverage. If you are interested in attending, please let Mac know as soon as possible.

Winthrop University Community Picnic

Thank you to all who helped pack the bags and/or attended the Winthrop Unisersity Community Picnic. We handed out approximately 800 goody bags with candy and a note from our church to students there. Please continue to pray for all students and faculty there and at all schools for their safety.

Homecoming 2016

Our 45th Homecoming on May 1st, 2016 was a roaring success. Our musical guest was Jackie Amerson. She sang a number of songs alone and with Lindsey and Pastor Mark for everyone's enjoyment. Most if not everyone brought their favorite covered dish for the meal that followed after the church service. The church provided chicken, ham and drinks. There was a feast for all to enjoy.

Easter Sunday

The weather didn't cooperate this Easter Sunday so the Sunrise Service was held indoors.Pastor Mark fought through the service having a nasty cold sometimes relying on his wife Mac to read scripture but the service was completed with the message received. A large breakfast followed the service and afterwards it was the kids turn to have fun, looking for hidden eggs within the classrooms of the church. All in all, it was a good Easter Service enjoyed by all.

Baptist Women's World Day of Prayer

The Baptist Women's World Day of Prayer is Monday, November 7th. It is promoted by the Women's Department of the Baptist World Alliance. The Women's Department of the BWA is composed of 7 Continental Unions representing 193 national Baptist women's organizations from 156 countries. There are copies of the program on the table downstairs of the church if you would like to join with our sisters in Christ around the world to pray on this special date!

Gideon's Organization

The Gideon's Organization's mission is to distribute the scriptures throughout the world. Their Bibles are in hotel rooms and military units in our country and many other countries.

Thursday, February 18th, at 11:30 am at Rock Hill First Baptist Church, the Gideon's will host a luncheon and tell us about their Christian mission. All are welcome.

White Angel Tree decorating and Hanging of the Greens

We got our White Angel Tree decorated and the Hanging of the Greens completed. Gifts were collected today, Sunday, for the family the church is helping out. Thank you for all who contributed to the Angel Tree. I'm sure the family will greatly appreciate the gifts.

Church Christmas Party

If you missed the Christmas Party Friday night, December 11th,  at Lucile's house then you missed a good time. There was plenty of food and drink to be had and gifts were exchanged . The meal consisted of chicken with dressing, mac and cheese, green beans, wild cranberries and plenty of different desserts. Sweet and unsweetened tea was provided as well as coffee. We give a big "thank you" to Lucile's daughter Mary Francis and granddaughter Tina for providing the meal and trimmings. There were carols sung and entertainment provided by Gracie and Mark. You had to have been there to understand that last comment.It was a great time for fellowship.

Mission Projects

The Lottie Moon Christmas Offering has ended. Our goal of  $750 was met and we continued to collect and exceeded our goal collecting $1,000. Thank you for those who contributed.

Bradley Girls Mission Trips

Brittany Bradley along with the Kelleytown Baptist team left July 25th to serve in Puerto Rico and are now back . Lindsay Bradley has gotten back from her mission trip after spreading the gospel in East Asia. Lindsay had phoned her father, Pastor Mark, for the Sunday Service's of June 15th and June 22nd where the sermons were broadcast over the phone all the way to East Asia. Thank God for these two young women as well for all the mission students who spread the gospel to those who don't know Jesus Christ as our Savior.